30 Degree Lamp


by Wrong.London

A series of veneered oak lampshades that utilise a 30degree angle to create a continuous woodgrain pattern. Light in weight and tactile in appearance, this design has an appealing and uncomplicated logic to it. Non electrical pendant shade available in natural, green and orange wood stain.

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30degrees, like many a lampshade, has a classic cone shape with a flat top, but rather than the usual paper or fabric, 30degrees is made from a very thin piece of wood. Moreover, the woodgrain itself appears to be seamless, with gentle lines circumnavigating the shade. The idea is subtle and looks natural, but in fact took a lot of experimentation and construction to make it just right.

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For designer Johan van Hengel, the starting point for the lamp stemmed from his interest in veneer, «at that moment I was really intrigued by paper-backed veneer, which is like a super thin veneer, it can vary a little bit, but it’s usually like .6 millimetre, it is very flexible.»

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Johan’s main challenge was the seam. Working with paper and lines that replicated the grain in veneer, Johan noticed that at a certain angle the lines would meet. From there he translated the idea into veneer and 30degrees was born.

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